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The Lovely Advantage

The brand Lovely symbolizes excellence through initiative, reliability, transparency and professionalism of high order and instills faith and confidence among millions of people in India and abroad since 1961. The name Lovely is strongly associated with quality delivery in each of the enterprises undertaken by it. Following are the highlighting points which provide Lovely Academy an edge over the other institutes:

Scholarship Facility

Scholarship Facility for Meritorious Students
Lovely Academy stongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a studnet to have sccess to quality education. So, the Academy extends Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme for the students taking admission at the Academy. Scholarship available at following basis.

Scholarship Based on Academic Performance

Programmes Qualifying Exams % of Scholarship
Foundation X 10% to 50%
Nurture X 10% to 50%
Target XII 10% to 50%


Special Scholarship
Only one of the below mentioned Policies can apply over and above the Scholarship based on the above academic performance

S.No. Scholarship Type Amount of Scholarship
1. LAC Test 10% on tuition fee (if 50% question are Correct)
2. Sibling Schoarship 5% on tuition fee (only applicable for real brother& sister and is provied
only to any one of them, adjusted in the last installment)
3. Lovely Employee Schoarship 5% on tuition fee (only applicable to real son or daughter)
4. Full payment Scholarship (At the time of admission) 5% on tuition fee
5. Ward of - Teacher, Doctor, Widow, Army Employee,
Govt. School Student
5% on tuition fee
6. 10 CGPA in 10th Board Exams 10% Extra Scholarship on Tuition Fee
7. Govt. School Student 5% on Tuition Fee
8. SC, BC, OBC & Category 5% on Tuition Fee


  • Scholarship is only the tuition fee component.
  • For complete Terms and Conditions please contact counsellor.
  • Scholarship not applicable for short duratin programmes like Crash Course, Test Discussion etc.
  • A proof of the above claim has to be provided at the time of admission.