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Crash Course

NEET 2019

Duration : 16 th march, 2019 till Neet Exam
Class Schedule : 5-6 Days Class/ week (6 Hours/ Days)
Subject Offered : Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology
The Study material in all subjects will be given to the students.
No. Tests : NEET Weekly Test Topic Wise 
NEET complete syllabus Mock Test - 4 Tests
[Weekly Test Followed by discussion of Test and Doubt Clearance Session]
Eligibility Criteria : XII Appearing/ Passed Students
Fees : Rs. 23010 (Inclusive Taxes)

 During this course, classes will be held 5 to 6 days a week and students will be given weekly test till 30th April, 2016.
 There will be weekly test and 4 full syllabus NEET pattern mock test.
 Weekly Test for students will be conducted from the syllabus taought in that week.
 All these tests will be offline . (NEET is conducted by the examining body only in the offline mode)